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Sep 19,  · Aviation HR expert Angie Marshall recently shared her pilot cover letter example and pilot cover letter tips that will help you make the right first impression on a potential corporate aviation employer. Angie is a Pilot Employment Consultant with over twenty years of experience preparing pilots for their professional aviation careers. Aviation Cover Letter Writing. In the bullet points, the writer documents achievements in terms of reduction in production time with over $, in cost savings. The second bullet point focuses on total productivity along with a low cost for each flight. The last achievement documents how they cut down on discrepancy counts by half while. Aug 12,  · A letter of application, also known as a cover letter, is a document sent with your resume to provide additional information about your skills and experience to an letter of application is intended to provide detailed information on why you are .

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Leonardo da Vinci was arguably one of the most prolific artists of the Renaissance era, but he was also a great innovator in aviation application letter and technology, credited with early designs of flying machines, the anemometer, and the parachute.

Okay, maybe I made that up, aviation application letter, but as both an artist and a scientist, da Vinci certainly had the essential skills required for the task, because writing a great LOR is both an art and a science. LORs are an essential part of the airline application process. Either way, since LORs are very important to the hiring process, now is a great time to start learning how to help your friends and coworkers help you. Hopefully this article will demystify the art and science behind the composition of a great LOR, aviation application letter.

Finally, I want to speak to my fellow airline pilots who may be reading this and provide some advice for writing great LORs for your friends and former co-workers, thereby turning your artwork into a masterpiece. What aviation application letter the essential elements that should comprise an LOR? First, there are two broad categories of LORs, aviation application letter, internal and external. Quite simply, aviation application letter, internal LORs are those written by employees of the airline to which you are applying, and external LORs are those written by someone outside that company.

As discussed in Cockpit to Cockpit, airline applications receive a total score based on all sections of the application. LORs are part of the total application point score. As a general rule, internal recommendations are worth more points than external recommendations. The best LORs are internal recommendations from people within the company to which you are applying who know you very well and aviation application letter flown with you often.

They should be able to speak to not only your flying skills, but also your work ethic and interpersonal skills on duty and off duty.

I would give an LOR that meets all the aforementioned criteria a score of ten, wherein ten is aviation application letter. There is no template format for LORs. Any professional business letter or personal letter format should do the trick. The important part is the content. The letter should include a date and be addressed to the appropriate department, or pilot hiring manager if you know the name.

The signature block should include contact information including phone number and email. If the author is an airline pilot, include the airline name, and employee number. The LOR begins with a simple introduction paragraph. This paragraph should start by providing an endorsement of the pilot applicant for the position of first officer with XYZ Airlines. The order of those items is not necessarily important as long as it flows logically and hits all the high points.

Try to keep the length to one page including the signature block. The closing paragraph should reemphasize why this person is perfect for XYZ airlines. This paragraph should also include an offer to the airline to reach out to the author of the LOR via phone or email for more information about the applicant.

There is certain etiquette art to requesting letters of recommendation that, if applied correctly, aviation application letter, will greatly improve your chances of actually receiving an LOR from each person you burden with the request, aviation application letter. It takes aviation application letter to write a quality recommendation letter. Everyone is busy with the thousands of other pieces of daily minutia in their lives, aviation application letter, and you just added another.

You are much more likely to receive an LOR if you provide them the 80 percent solution in the form of a draft letter versus asking them do all the heavy lifting. When someone asks me to write an LOR and provides me a draft, I appreciate the gesture. I like to write one from scratch anyway, using my own unique writing style, but I will include many of the facts and themes from their draft. Having their draft LOR usually saves me about minutes versus not having a draft to work from.

These will give you an idea of what an LOR should look like and what type of content should be included. Let me be clear here; I am not advocating that you use the sample LORs provided in the Cockpit to Cockpit Support Package by just changing certain items to match your information.

That would be unethical and an ethical faux pas can easily lose you a great job. You need to draft your own unique LORs. Here are a couple other ideas to increase the chance that someone will actually write you an LOR. This works well with the pilotcredentials. It also helps to provide a target date of when you will need the LOR. I find ten days aviation application letter about right for an LOR request.

Less than a week of turnaround time is too pushy; remember, they are doing you a favor. Anything over two weeks and they will likely push it to the back burner and forget about it. This section is for those already living the good life as a mainline Part airline pilot who may be asked to provide an LOR for a friend or former co-worker.

As we discussed earlier, aviation application letter, writing a great LOR is an art form. Here are some tips to create a masterpiece. First, aviation application letter, speak from the heart. As pilots we tend to compartmentalize. We put our emotions on the shelf where they belong when we aviation application letter fly, aviation application letter. Nobody is around to see you anyway, so go ahead and get a box of tissues and put on your Celine Dion Greatest Aviation application letter CD and start writing.

Tell the airline why you admire this person so much that you named your first-born child after them, aviation application letter. Keep in mind; your credibility is on the line when you recommend someone to your airline, aviation application letter. Speaking of credibility, you should only agree to write an LOR for someone you know fairly well.

An LOR should start by stating the purpose of the letter and provide an enthusiastic endorsement of the pilot applicant. The introduction paragraph should also give a brief summary of aviation application letter history with the pilot applicant. How long have you known them? What is the nature of your relationship to the applicant —are you a friend, supervisor, co-worker, neighbor, etc.? What assignment s or job s did you overlap with the applicant?

I can say without hesitation that she is a safety conscious pilot with all the airmanship, aeronautical decision making, and communication skills necessary to succeed on the flight deck of an XYZ Airlines jet. He is an amazing, compassionate leader. Work ethic is important to the airlines. The airline only makes money when airplanes are in the air, aviation application letter. They want to know that they are hiring someone who loves to fly and will be a very productive pilot for the company.

Anything you can do to make your LOR unique and help differentiate the applicant from other will greatly enhance their chances of being hired. Make sure your LOR includes as many unique qualities and personal facts as possible about the pilot applicant. Are they funny, charismatic, caring, humble? Aviation application letter are all qualities an airline may look for in their pilots. Give brief personal examples if possible.

Steve is not only a great pilot and Air Force leader, he is also an amazing father to his daughter Caroline, son Cody and a loving husband to his wife Denise. He and his family will fit right into the XYZ Airlines family and culture of caring for one another.

There is no magic maximum number of LORs but some airlines do have a minimum number required and that number should be spelled out in the application or interview instructions. As a general rule, five is a good number to strive for. Simply type the name of the airline in the search bar at the top, and it will show all your LinkedIn contacts and their contacts up to third order that have the name of the airline you searched in their profile.

Another way to find old friends who are now airline pilots is to ask a pilot at that airline to send you the seniority lists for the different airframes and domiciles at that airline. You may aviation application letter some names when you scan the seniority lists. Some airlines will require you to bring hard copies of your LORs aviation application letter the interview. As you can see, there are both art and science behind letters of recommendation. The science involves basic framework and essential content that should be common to all LORs along with determining the appropriate number of LORs required.

The art covers a wide variety of techniques for requesting an LOR, ways to enhance the letter with personal details to help the applicant stand out from the competition, as aviation application letter as methods for the applicant to help their LORs appear more polished and professional. The information presented here is purely technique and certainly there are other ways to go about requesting and creating LORs.

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The main body of the letter should discuss the applicant’s aviation experience, leadership experience, work ethic, awards, and interpersonal skills. The order of those items is not necessarily important as long as it flows logically and hits all the high points. Try to keep Author: Marc Himelhoch. Use this Free Professional Aviation Cover Letter as inspiration to writing your own Aviation Cover Letter for a job application and resume to get hired! Use this Free Professional Aviation Cover Letter as inspiration to writing your own Aviation Cover Letter for a job application and resume to get hired! SUPPORT 7 DAYS A WEEK. Jul 30,  · A job application letter, also known as a cover letter, should be sent or uploaded with your resume when applying for jobs. While your resume offers a history of your work experience and an outline of your skills and accomplishments, the job application letter you send to an employer explains why you are qualified for the position and should be selected for an interview.