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Jul 30,  · Metacritic Game Reviews, Kitchen Scramble for iPhone/iPad, Developer: Disney Interactive Studios. • Kitchen Scramble Facebook Players – Sign in with Facebook to share your progress with friends and get separate Supplies on web and mobile! • Connect with Game Center or Facebook to find friends and compare high scores! • Download now and play in English, French, /5. Mar 07,  · I love this game, but when I play it on my kindle or smartphone. It doesn't have the same benefits. I can't engage with my Kitchen Scramble friends, even though I am connected to Facebook. I can't get supplies I need. My premium ingredients aren't there either. If you can fix these problems, this game would be awesome again!!3/5(K).

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Cooking games are a lot of fun, especially if you have some time to kill. Taking a slight leave from most cooking games and Kitchen Scramble, Restaurant Story 2 has you buying ingredients before cooking them. Unfortunately, this tends to stop people in their tracks, but in all honesty, it adds some realism to the proceedings. As you go progress through the story, you unlock more and more stores to buy your ingredients from increasing the pool of what you can cook.

Of course, there are some restrictions involved in how much you can purchase in one go and how much you can hold, although over time and with enough upgrades, you can overcome that little hurdle. Of course, like other cooking games, you can also upgrade your appliances which make your life infinitely easier, games like kitchen scramble for ipad.

The one down side is that there is quite a lot of clicking involved which can be frustrating, but buying upgrades can help a ton in that regard. In Happy Chef 2, you travel around the globe cooking, with each new place offering a new menu and things too cook.

Where Cooking Fever really stands out is its pacing. As you progress through the game, you slowly get new recipes that increase in small increments of difficulty. All that being said, games like kitchen scramble for ipad, one of the biggest problems of Cooking Fever is the paywall that you hit half-way through the game which makes it almost impossible to continue. So really, you should pick this game up for free, and enjoy it as much as you can before deciding whether you want to pay to progress or not.

Otherwise, it really is a fun and enjoyable little game. It might not seem glamorous or fun, but it really is, especially with the items and characters you unlock as you progress through. So really, if you want to play a cooking time management game, then you really need to check games like kitchen scramble for ipad series out. Instead of focusing on realistically representing how cooking is done, the game instead represents the difficulty and tiredness of cooking and running a restaurant.

Rush hours, slow times, having to clean the bathrooms and take out the trash, all of it falls in place to perfectly recreate the feeling of being in the restauranteur world, games like kitchen scramble for ipad.

The graphics are really great and fun to look at, even when you are at the beginner restaurant with its monotone walls and bits of dirt. Of course, as you progress things get prettier and the menu gets bigger. The clients also go from being working class to suited office types, really showing you moving up in the world! Cook, Serve, Games like kitchen scramble for ipad is the pinnacle of cooking time management games, is loads of fun, and absolutely worth the few dollars that it costs.

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games like kitchen scramble for ipad


Sep 01,  · Kitchen Scramble: Cooking Game is another Time-Management and Cooking Simulation that allows the player to cook all kinds of delicious dishes. The game allows the player manage his own restaurant bake different kind of dishes and serving happy customers. The game offers more than one thousand new levels with forty different location. These two girls love to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen, improving their skills so that they can write their own recipes one day. You're going to have to work quickly as you scramble to find the right ingredients in this fun cooking game for girls! - The game uses push notifications to send gifts and inform you when we release exciting new content. You can disable push notifications from your device settings Important • Kitchen Scramble requires iOS or later. • Kitchen Scramble is optimized for iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPad 3/5().