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Simon The Sorcerer was made in "Adventure" genre. Right now we have 1 Cheats and etc for this game and every day we increase our collection with new Simon The Sorcerer cheats If you can not find the needed cheat in our list, check this page periodically or subscribe for this game's updates! Masala, the lion takes Simon to Valley of Doom. Watch the goblins have a briefing about Simon and Simon waking up at the dungeon of the Fortress of Doom with Alix. Click anywhere to wake Simon up. Try to open the door and Alix will give you her hairgrip after Simon asks for one. Obnoxious Simon goes out the door, hits Runt and meets another Simon. Jun 21,  · Open the Door and Walk to the inside of the Apothecary in the same screen. Once inside the Apothecary, Pick up the Cold Remedy, which is sitting on the table. Select Pick up the Specimen Jar at the top of the steps. Exit the Apothecary, and leave through the right side of Author: Tawny Ditmer.

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By adventure soft. It's funny. The game is mouse driven. To skip cut scenes after you've seen it before for clues or for fun click the right mouse button. The game manipulation is by clicking a combination of a verb selection and an item in the display area.

The item is identified on the ID bar above the verb bank when the cursor is over the item. To perform an action; first select the verb, then the object you want to use the verb on and then click the left mouse button.

The default verb is "Walk to" when the cursor is over the screen and "Look at" when the cursor is over an inventory. Double clicking on the screen with no items identified will return to the default verb. When talking, a selection is given. Exhaust all possible selection for conversation and it is best to choose a polite conversation selection since it will lead to a more direct response. The sound effects and music can be toggled on and off by pressing S and M, respectively.

Clicking on the center of the map will exit back to the game. Using the postcard will bring up the main menu of save, simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough, load, quit and continue. To save, type in the name you want to describe the saved game and press enter. Move the cursor all over the screen to find the active items to examine or pick up. The inventories that can be picked up are colored yellow in the walkthrough. I played simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough game with lowered graphics and sound acceleration to stop the lines on the screen and the stuttering of the dialogue.

During Simon's 12th birthday, a scruffy dog with a book in his mouth entered his life. He named simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough dog, Chippy. In the opening sequence, the dog is in the attic in search of the book he came with. He found it in the chest. Simon in one of his "boyish sadism" mood decided to look for Chippy to torture him. In the attic, he threw the book "The Olde Spell Booke", an action that opened a portal into another time and place.

Chippy walked through the portal and Simon followed. Simon is now wearing a wizard robe and has landed in the midst of goblins and trolls invoking a magic spell for food. He dropped the spell book.

Simon became the main ingredient in their lunch. Chippy arrives to save him and in the next cut scene shows them entering Calypso's cottage. Simon reads Calypso's note. So, the adventure is to save Calypso, the grand wizard from Sordid, the evil sorcerer.

Simon can use Calypso's spell book but before he can use it, simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough, Simon must first become a wizard.

There are wizards in the tavern in the village of Fleur de lis that can teach him. Thus the village appears in the map. In search of the Wizards.

Walk to stuck shut fridge and pick up the magnet. Go outside and behind the cottage by clicking on right side of the cottage and see a pile of compost. Move to the extreme right of the screen and find the blacksmith. Pick up the clapper on the table. The blacksmith is too busy to talk. Exit to the top left of the screen and see the Drunken Druid Tavern, simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough.

Open door simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough enter. Use the scissors on sleeping dwarf and get beard. Talk to the barman about Calypso and Sordid. He tells you that Sordid lives at the Craggy Peaks. Say hello twice to the Nubile Valkyrie to get them to talk to you.

Then, say that you are taking a survey and ask about Sordid. Find out that Sordid lives in a tower. Enter the room on the right of the screen. Listen to 4 wizard playing mahjongg. They talk about the mahjongg game their playing, getting the game from the man with strange eyes that has a wok and talks about "confusion".

They also talk about Calypso collecting ingredients, searching for 3 months for the staff, breaking a detecting thingie and about Sordid, the renegade. When they start repeating themselves, talk to the wizards.

Tell them "I want to be a wizard", "pointer on wizard" and finally convince them by selecting "I'll do anything to be a wizard". You will be given the task of finding a simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough that is 6 ft tall with a crystal sphere in one end and is star-shaped. The wizards will invest you on the spot once the staff is retrieved. The last person to have it is the dead Naffin the necromancer.

After agreeing to the task, leave the room and the tavern. Start search for the staff. Pick up the ladder, simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough.

Enter the Apothecary and pick up the cold remedy that is on the table. Climb the steps and pick up the empty specimen jar.

Exit the apothecary. Go to the right of the screen, pass the dodgy geezer, to the right of the screen again and then left of the screen by the Shoppe and to the forest. Looking around in the forest. Talk to him again to pick up hints. You can come back to him anytime and simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough will give hints to move on the game.

Exit back to the left of the screen and down to the path going to the bottom of the screen. Talk to him and when you pull the thorn out, he will give you a whistlewhich you can use to call him when in need. Exit to the right of the screen and come to an intersection. Take the path to the upper right. Talk to hole. Find out that the famous doctor is looking for the missing link between man and vegetable.

Agree to watch out for the fossils he is looking for - first promise to help. Take the right path and enter the center of the forest, simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough. The cave at the center of the screen is the dwarf mine. The stone steps on the right of the screen go to the cave entrance to the swamp and mountains and the path to the right goes to the woodcutter.

It is a shopping list addressed to the shopkeeper in town. Use the map to go to the village. Go to the Shoppe. Village Shoppe: Give the shopping list found by the goblin fortress to the shopkeeper.

Using the map, go back to the center of the forest. Look at it and note the writing on it - "Beer". Exit to the right of the screen. Go to the right and see the waterfall. Go back to the path that goes back to the village. Take the lower right path, pass a dead tree on its side, to the right of the screen and pass the tree stump. Talk to them until you agree to get them "real quality wood" and they decide on "mahogany" - third promise to help. Take the path at the bottom of the screen, pass the wolf that came and left and continue to the left of the screen to the witch's house.

Open door twice and enter. You can examine things in the house before touching the broom. Try to pick up the broom and the witch appears. Leave the house. Go back to the woodworm stump, simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough. Turn right until the troll bridge. Talk to the troll and he will notice the whistle you got from the barbarian around your neck.

Tell him "to have a go and find out". Your friend the barbarian arrives and takes care of the troll for you. Pick up the placard did not find any use for this in the game and cross the bridge.


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simon the sorcerer iphone walkthrough


Jun 04,  · Simon the Sorcerer 2: 25th Anniversary Edition - PC - Playthrough / Walkthrough.: Played By PiE.. Just when he thought his life was regaining some semblance of normality, Simon's wonder years are. Apr 03,  · Simon the sorcerer is a great game! This version is a very clumsy when it comes to graphic design of the new elements though. For example, the idea of using a scaler to render graphics at higher resolution is awful/5(20). Aug 04,  · For Simon the Sorcerer on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), GameFAQs has 1 FAQ (game guide/walkthrough) and 4 critic reviews.